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World Population Counter, Population Growth Counter, Incidence of Malnutrition Counter, Incidence of HIV infection Counter, Incidence of Cancer Counter, Global Temp (C) Counter, CO2 Emissions (tons) Counter, Species Extinct Counter, Forest Lost (ha) Counter, Forest Replanted (ha) Counter, Desertification (ha) Counter, Oil Pumped (bo) Counter, Ocean Oil Spills (tons) Counter, Oil Remaining in Reserves Counter, Oil Depletion Timer Counter, Nuclear Waste (tons) Counter, US Garbage Production (tons) Counter, US Recycling (tons) Counter

The statistical data presented here at comes from sources such as World Health Organization, US Census Bureau, Wikipedia, and CIA Factbook. This clock (and other free programs) may be added to your own site, blog, or social network profile. Note : All data displayed is approximately and should NOT be considered accurate / real figures.

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