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My Philosophy


Below mentioned are some of the things I have learnt from my life...and learning more everyday...

 Love is a Gamble. Play it safe. You must not only do what your heart says, but you also need to use some brains.

 Don't do anything which hurts somebody.

 Don't ever think about your company. Think about your career in life, but always keep good relations with all the companies & colleagues you have worked with.

 Always enjoy, love and care and make full use of the time. Time waits for NOBODY. Count down the time of 50 years less your current age and just see the time you have left and the things you can do / can be accomplished.

 Don't PAY before you get your service / product and also be fully satisfied before PAYING. There are many agents like Driving License Agents / House Brokers / Loan Agents who will all tell you good stories which are not real e.g., Driving License Agent :- You don't have to give any driving tests and you will get the license at your door step and the amount for this will be Rs.----. Tell them you will pay them Rs.--- extra, but only after the work is done otherwise you are not interested. Be really straightforward with everyone, even if you think that the person will feel disappointed with your answer.

 Think about all the possible aspects before you deal with friends, relatives, agents, brokers when it comes to money / property.

 Don't blindly trust anyone.

 Only keep good limited best friends. Best friends are friends you share thoughts and feelings and are always there for you in your good and bad times.

 Think about all the possible aspects before doing any business in partnership.

 The nicer someone is, the further away (s)he is from you.

 Money can't buy love, but it sure gets you to a great bargaining position.

 The amount of love someone feels for you is inversely proportional to how much you love them.

 The best things in the world are free "LOVE & HAPPINESS" and worth every penny of it.

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