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About Me

My name is Shirish Patel and I am a Computer Engineer. Presently I am working in Pune - Maharashtra - India.

Am I a computer geek that dreamt he was a Viking, or a Viking that dreamt he was a computer geek? The question doesn't need to be answered just yet, but as you will see both of the dreamers share some common interests that manifest in somewhat different ways.

I have always wanted to be a programmer since I was a young boy. Technology has played a big part in my education so far. After work I need something to relax. I always thought watching television was a waste of time. I am a Hindu by religion; those who are humble and truthful are my friends.

I have an extremely supportive family & relatives. My Panna Foi, Surrendra Kaka & Kokila Kaki's support was absolutely priceless. They helped me to focus on my work, by handling all of the problems that came up in my life. Without their strength and support, I would not have been able to make it through those years.

No matter what direction life takes us, a mother's love and guidance are a tremendous blessing that help us to grow up as stable, responsible, and caring individuals. I sincerely honor the dedicated and caring women who are devoted to their families and committed to improving the world their children will inherit.

I also feel it is absolutely necessary to give credit where the credit is due. Since it is my belief that all good things come from God, how can I not give God the glory.

Well last not the least I would also be updating the design and layout of this site soon, where I would be sharing my experience and thoughts on Programming and about myself.

Will keep you all updated so please do keep checking my personal site.

I am always open to suggestions, ideas and criticisms. Please contact me.


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